Plain: made of sheet base with metal floor, front wall or removable stamped sheet chest of 1.40 mts to 1.80 mts: stamped steel sheet legs bolted to the built-in ladder frame and reinforced peg holders.

Overturning rails:
on the metal base is mounted a bodywork with steel side doors that can be opened in two ways. One top opening is called pendular which facilitates the bulk unloading and the other opening is called removable from the lower part which allows a comfortable pallet loading and unloading. Front wall of 1.40 to 1.80 with removable steel sheet legs.

All doors:
bodywork constructed with four or six reinforced doors on each side, with complete removable legs that allow an efficient pallet loading and unloading and an easy "plain" transformation. It is made of inner chains, bulk unloading nozzles and canvas arches.

Cereal load or general cargo:
the bodywork of this model has two lateral doors on each side, small rear door for tippers, everything made of metal. Ii is suitable for every kind of load, particularly in bulk loading with and efficient system for unloading. It is ideal for grain transportation with six unloading nozzles on the floor.

Curtain sider:
particularly design for the transportation of palletized loads or beverages. Is has strong side curtains with sliding system on both sides. Sheet or aluminum front and counterfront with or without rear door book-like and good completion roof to prevent water entering.

Livestock or mixed:
especially constructed for the animal transport and general load or cereal with doors like front and rear guillotine, sheet floor and slip resistant trimming of rounded iron.

Bilateral dumper:
It is design with lateral doors which can be overturned and separated. It is suitable for the aggregates load.

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