In 1982, Grassini began their working activities in a small workshop dedicated to complete repair of bodyworks, trailers and semi-trailers for all types of cargo. This workshop was located on 2040 Sucre Street in Villa María City, in the centre of Córdoba City in Argentina. Grassani found its roots in the fifties, in Villa Nueva when Pedro Grassani manufactured bodyworks and trailers with tongue and groove wood apart from making cart wheels. In the middle of the 80s, when our company was consolidated in the market and our clients trusted us, Grassani started manufacturing metal bodyworks for heavy transport.
In 1991, new partners join the company and this is the way that
Grassani & Co L.L.C. emerges. This is a family business with a simple organizational structure and broad commercial expectations having the wish of making our name go along the Argentine routes hand in hand with our products.

In the beginning, the company was quickly adapting itself to the current market requirements and its continuous changes, satisfying the needs and concerns of the cargo transport. At the start of 1993 following the Argentine evidenced growth tendency, our company was consolidated in the market increasing and diversifying its objectives. In this way, we accomplish our great goal of manufacturing trailers and semi-trailers with our own brand:

Today we are focused on constant growth processes and changes, investigation and development, implementing deep engineering programmes in accordance with the current needs and requirements. We are also committed to meeting the expectations of every Grassani´s company member and of course, those of our clients.

The Company grounds are of 8500 m2, where there are four production rooms and one spraying and drying room, equipped with the necessary technology adapted to the manufacturing requirements and the existing regulations.

Today and thanks to the efforts and conviction of every
Grassani´s company member, to our clients´ acceptance and satisfaction and to our suppliers´ support we have our designs and products under ISO Standards 9001:2008, which is a great challenge that has been achieved. In this way we fulfill our commitment to quality and safety APPROVED.

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