Plain: it includes peg holders and chest of 1.20 mts bolted to the plain sheet or slip resistant floor.

Overturning rail: is has six side doors which have 0.80 cm each one, 1 mt of height and 14.50 mts of length self-directional pneumatic suspension to support the load demands, this model is special for the pallet transportation, containers, etc.

All doors: it has a bodywork of doors of 1.80 mts of length completely removable that ensures an efficient pallet unloading and loading and an easy transformation into "plain".

Curtain sider: It has 14.50 mts of length, stamped sheet front and counterfront with or without rear door book-like of sheet or aluminum with sliding system on both sides. This unit is especially constructed for an efficient pallet or beverage unloading and loading.

Livestock or mixed: especially constructed for the animal transport and general load or cereal with doors like front and rear guillotine, sheet floor and slip resistant trimming of rounded iron

Rear overturning: It is suitable for the aggregates load, powdery and bituminous products. It is very reinforced for very heavy loads.

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